Amelia Warner

Full Release Campaign 2016

Working with Globe (Universal Music Group's Soundtrack and Score division), we created a full campaign for the renowned composer Amelia Warner's latest EP, Visitors.

Globe approached us in late 2016, with a brief to create a campaign for a soon to be released EP by Amelia Warner. Amelia had several conceptual themes around nostalgia, which had inspired her music for the EP, which we used as a starting point for the campaign. We developed a range of early visual references through exploration of these themes, which were subsequently used to create an identity which worked for both Amelia individually, and the EP. We then created a set of art directed images based on our early research and experiments which were used for each individual single release taken from the EP. These were then placed together in the site we designed and build, to sit alongside previews of each track, which helped take the user on a journey through a derelict house filled with nostalgia.